The State Life Insurance Fund (Fund) is a state-sponsored life insurance program for the benefit of residents of Wisconsin.

The Fund is a nonprofit organization and receives no subsidies from the state. It is not permitted to use commissioned agents, does not advertise, and is exempt from federal income tax. As a result, overhead expenses are minimal.

The Fund was established in 1911 in response to a national scandal over the improper practices of some life insurance companies.

According to the Insurance Commissioner at the time, the Fund was set up ". . . to give the people of the state the benefit of the best old-line insurance on a mutual plan at the lowest possible cost."

Originally the maximum level of coverage available to each policyholder was $1,000. This maximum is now $10,000.

State Life Insurance Fund
P.O. Box 7873
Madison,WI 53707-7873
(608) 266-0107 or 1-800-562-5558 (please include your name and e-mail address)