Navigators/Nonnavigator Assisters/Certified Application Counselors

2015 Navigator License or Registration Renewal Process

Navigator Entity Registration:
The following documentation must be submitted to OCI before November 1, 2015.

Individual Navigator:
The following documentation must be submitted to OCI before November 1, 2015.

  • The individual navigator renewal application including applicable fee. The individual can download the application online at (opens in new window).
  • Evidence of completion of the federal training mandated by the exchange.
  • Any documentation required in answer to questions on the application.
  • Individual navigators must complete 8 hours of health specific continuing education requirement. A list of approved courses can be found online at Under "Lookup" Select "Wisconsin"; Search for "Courses" and the Course Type is "Accident & Health." Click on "Search." Choose any Accident & Health course. The provider or school will submit the course completion information directly to OCI.

FAQs for: (links open in a new window)


In Wisconsin, a navigator can be an individual or an entity that supervises or employs an individual who performs any activities and duties related to the navigator program on behalf of the federal exchange and who receives funding to perform such functions on behalf of the federal exchange. An individual navigator does not include a person acting as an insurance intermediary; however, an insurance intermediary may apply to be licensed as a navigator provided the intermediary complies with federal restrictions.

An individual who meets the definition of a navigator under the Wisconsin insurance law must obtain an individual navigator license. Entities functioning as, or intending to function as, navigators, supervising individual navigators or receiving funds to perform such activities must register with the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI). [s. 628.91, Wis. Stat.] A list of registered navigator entities and affiliated licensed individual navigators is available at

On September 8, 2014, the Department of Health and Human Services announced the entities awarded navigator grants. Wisconsin Navigator Grant Recipients (opens in new window)

Information for navigators including individual navigators and business entity navigators can be found on the Navigator page at and the Navigator FAQs (opens in new window) (last updated 12/14/2015).

Nonnavigator Assisters (including Certified Application Counselors)

Wisconsin insurance law defines nonnavigator assisters as individuals who have been designated by or working on behalf of the federal exchange. Nonnavigator assisters include in-person assisters, enrollment assisters, application assisters and certified application counselors. All nonnavigator assisters must become authorized by the federal exchange to provide nonnavigator assistance to consumers and be registered with OCI.

Entities employing one or more nonnavigator assisters must provide OCI with a list of all nonnavigator assisters that it employs, supervises or is affiliated with once the nonnavigator assisters are authorized by the federal exchange to provide assistance. In addition, certified application counselors (CACs) are required to meet the prelicensing training and examination requirements established for navigators and annual 8 hours of approved training in addition to any federal required exchange training. A list of registered CACs is available at

The following links provide the necessary licensing, registration and reporting requirements for navigators and certified application counselors. It also contains other useful links and information related to navigators and certified application counselors.

Information for nonnavigator assisters and certified application counselors can be found on the Nonnavigator Assisters/Certified Application Counselors page at and in the following FAQs:

Prelicensing/Continuing Education Provider

Information for prelicensing/continuing education providers including a prelicensing course outline, an examination content outline, navigator study materials and a prelicensing course application is available on the Prelicensing/Continuing Education Provider Information page at

Agents and the Exchange

Information for agents about navigators, certified application counselors and participating on the exchange can be found in the Navigator FAQs for Insurance Agents (opens in new window) (last updated 12/14/2015).

Additional information for navigators and nonnavigator assisters is available in the bulletin to insurers issued by OCI on July 26, 2013.

Any questions regarding navigators, nonnavigator assisters, and/or CACs should be directed to