A primary care physician responsible for overseeing and coordinating all aspects of a patient's medical care. The gatekeeper may have to preauthorize other specialty care or hospital admission.
Grace period
A period of time after a premium becomes due in which you can still pay for the insurance and keep it in force. Wisconsin law requires that for health insurance it is 7 days for weekly premium policies, 10 days for monthly premium policies, and one month for all other policies.
Any written statement of dissatisfaction with a managed care plan or limited service health organization submitted by or on behalf of a plan enrollee.
Group insurance
Any insurance plan under which a number of persons and their dependents are insured under a single policy, issued to their employer or an association with which they are affiliated, with individual certificates given to each insured person.
Group life insurance
Life insurance provided for members of a group. It is most often issued to a group of employees but may be issued to any group provided it is not formed for the purpose of buying insurance. The cost is lower than for individual policies because administrative expenses per life are decreased, there are certain tax advantages, and measures taken against adverse selection are effective.
Guaranteed issue policy
A policy of insurance that will be issued regardless of health condition. Small group and individual policies cannot be denied to any person who wishes to purchase one.
Guaranteed issue rights
Rights you have in certain situations when insurance companies are required to accept your application for insurance. In these situations, an insurance company can't deny you insurance coverage or place conditions on a policy, must cover you for all preexisting conditions, and cannot charge you more for a policy because of past or present health problems.
Guaranteed purchase
A rider to a policy that allows you to increase the benefits during specific periods of time without proof of insurability.
Guaranteed renewable policy
An individual health insurance policy that specifies that the insurer will continue the policy until the insured reaches a specified age if premium payments are made when due. The insurer can change premium rates for broad classes of insureds.

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