Agents and firms are required to submit the renewal fee in order to continue conducting insurance business in Wisconsin. Approximately 60 days prior to the license expiration, the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) mails a renewal notice (postcard) by first class mail to the mailing address on file with our office. The renewal fee to be paid by each licensee is listed on the postcard. Failure to pay the renewal fee by the license expiration date will result in the license cancellation and termination of active appointments.

Licensees must renew the license online either by credit card, debit card or electronic check. Licensees have the following three options to make the renewal payment: Vertafore at, NIPR at, or OCI at License Renewal.

Due to a time delay in posting the transaction with OCI and NIPR, licensees making payments within 10 days of the license expiration date are required to use Vertafore to avoid delays or license cancellation. OCI transaction will appear on the credit card statement as "OCI E-pay AL Renewals."

Once the license is renewed, you can print a copy of the license at

If you are a resident licensee required to complete continuing education, a separate notice is mailed 90 days prior to the license expiration date showing the number of credits banked and instructions on how to access the transcript. Credit hours must be BANKED by the license expiration date to avoid the license cancellation. By law, providers have 10 days to bank the credits following completion of a course.

Information on how to reapply or submit a reinstatement application is available online at

If you have any questions, please contact the Agent Licensing Section at