This section contains several pages of information that are not limited to one specific insurance product.

Look for Something Specific

Several pages have been created to look for something specific in the insurance industry of Wisconsin. These pages are linked on the left sidebar and include the words "Look For" in the title.

Worker's Compensation

This links to the Worker's Compensation pages under the Employers section.

Other Publications

These pages contain consumer publications that are not found in the other consumer webpages

Credit Life and Disability Insurance

This page links to any publications specific to this type of insurance.

Credit Information

These pages inform how insurance companies can use credit information of consumers.

Crop Insurance

Frequently asked questions about crop insurance.

Industry Information

Several sidebar links include information that is regularly published and updated.

Volunteer Driver Insurance

Information regarding how auto insurance coverage applies to individuals when using their autos in the course of volunteering.

Wisconsin Insurance Security Fund

Information about how policyholders are protected when an insurance company becomes insolvent.