Few things in life are riskier than launching and running your own business. As an employer, especially a small employer, you need to deal with complex issues such as business plans, accounting systems, payroll processes, employee recruitment, cash flow problems, marketing, and risk management.

Employers have to deal with a large array of insurance needs such as business owner's policies, auto insurance, worker's compensation, property and casualty insurance, liability insurance, flood insurance, health insurance and life insurance. Some types of coverage are required by law, others simply make good business sense.

Purchasing insurance is like purchasing any other product or service. People rarely shop for insurance the way they do for other products and services. Yet insurance companies vary substantially both in the price of their policies and the level of service to consumers. The more you know the better prepared you are to ask the right questions and make the right choices.

Small employers have a difficult time locating information for insurance of every type of coverage. Employers also have little time to spend on insurance matters. The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) developed this Web site to help you become a more knowledgeable consumer by providing information on the different types of insurance policies in the market, how much coverage to buy, and how to buy it wisely.