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Letter to the Governor

Mission Statement

Wisconsin Insurance Commissioners


Table of Contents

I. Administration of the Office (Pages 9-18)

Organizational Chart
Organizational Structure
Management Staff
Office Personnel
Office Finances

II. Executive Initiatives (Pages 19-56)

Regulatory Developments and Trends
Administrative Rules
National Association of Insurance Commissioners' (NAIC) Activities
Advisory Boards, Committees, and Councils
Bulletins to Insurers
Administrative Actions

Note: Copies of administrative actions taken by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance on insurance companies and agents starting in the year 1964 can be viewed and printed from OCI's Web site at For older actions, contact

III. Legislative Relations and Communications (Pages 57-64)

Public Information and Communications
Consumer Publications

IV. Funds and Program Management (Pages 65-78)

Information Services Section
Management Analysis and Planning
Alternative Work Patterns
Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund
Local Government Property Insurance Fund
State Life Insurance Fund

V. Division of Regulation and Enforcement (Pages 79-110)

Bureau of Financial Analysis and Examinations
    Companies Examined in 2012
    Changes in Corporate Licenses
    Companies in Liquidation or Rehabilitation
Bureau of Market Regulation
    Policy Submissions and Rate Filings
    Trends in Complaints
    Companies Examined in 2012
    Managed Care Specialist
    Agent Licensing Section
    Commercial Liability Insurance Reports
    Medical Malpractice Insurance Reports
    Product Liability Insurance Reports

VI. Financial and Statistical Data (Pages 111-180)

Notes to Tables
Explanation of Terms Used in Tables
Table A Insurers Authorized to Write Insurance in Wisconsin
Table B Wisconsin Operations of All Insurers by Type of Company
Table C Nationwide Financial Operations of Wisconsin Insurers
Table D Wisconsin Operations of All Insurers by Line of Insurance
Table E Wisconsin Market Shares* (Pages 119-132)
Table F Property and Casualty Insurers (Pages 133-158)
Table G Life Insurers (Pages 159-172)
Table H Other Health Insurers (Pages 173-176)
Table I Town Mutual Insurers (Pages 177-180)

*Note: Market Share Tables for All Companies is available in pdf format on OCI's Web site at

VII. Directory of Licensed Insurers (Pages 181-286)

Note: This directory includes all companies, fraternal benefit societies, associations, and town mutuals licensed or otherwise authorized to transact the business of insurance in this state as of December 31, 2012. For current information, see the Company Lookup.

VIII. Directory of Insurance Commissioners (Pages 287-292)

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