Veterans Professional/Occupational Licensure Fee Waiver Program

Wisconsin Act 209 (effective July 1, 2012) requires that the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA) establish and maintain a program under which certain state agencies, including the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI), grant fee waivers to qualified veterans when issuing initial licenses.

Eligible veterans will receive one initial license fee waiver. A waiver may not be used for license renewals or for any OCI-issued license that is not applicable to the program. Waiver applicants will receive a voucher from WDVA to use to redeem one license fee waiver. The fee waiver applies only to the initial licensing fee. It does not apply to other costs associated with obtaining a license such as prelicensing education courses, licensing examinations, and/or fingerprint/background checks.

An eligible applicant must be a Wisconsin resident and a qualifying veteran. OCI does not make the eligibility determination to receive a voucher. For information on eligibility and applying for a voucher for the Veterans Professional/Occupational Licensure Fee Waiver Program please visit the WDVA fee waiver program Web site at: The site also contains a complete list of licenses issued by the state that are eligible for the Veterans Fee Waiver.

The following licenses and fees issued by OCI are eligible for the Veterans Professional/Occupational Licensure Fee Waiver Program:

  1. Resident Insurance Agent License (Fee $10.00)
  2. Life Settlement Individual Broker License (Fee $750.00)
  3. Individual Employee Benefit Plan Administrator (Fee $100.00)
  4. Insurance Surplus Lines License (Fee $100.00)
  5. Reinsurance Intermediary Broker License (Fee $75.00)

Individuals seeking a waiver for any one of these license types should apply online at after any prelicensing education and/or testing requirements for the desired license have been completed.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to e-mail us at or call our Agent Licensing Helpline at 1-800-236-8517 (Statewide) or (608) 266-8699 (Madison).